Please consider the following photos in Ms. Anna Engelland's admission application to the University of Oklahoma School of Visual Arts Art, Technology and Culture MFA program.
Viking Football, December 2020-November 2021
Plants of the Indigenous Prairie Remnant, November 2020 
C41 and Black & White film selection.
Country Calling (abbreviated)
The winter season of a multigenerational family farm in central Kansas
John breaks the layer of ice at the top of the water trough early morning in December. The water for the cows grazing on the stubble often freezes over night in the winter.​​​​​​​
An outdated price list for livestock vaccines is posted on the fridge in the dairy barn.
Vaccinations and other livestock medications are stored in a retired household fridge in the dairy barn.
Mark loads the feed truck with silage for the cattle in the winter pens. While the cattle spend the warmer months grazing on pastures, they need a heartier diet in the winter and graze on crop stubble or are fed silage in pens.
A Red Angus-Hereford crossbreed cow stares into the cab of the feed truck. While usually wary of vehicles, cattle easily recognize the feed truck and crowd near the troughs as it drives along the pen with the silage. 
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